Want to understand what your business is worth?

Amplify Business Sales can prepare a Business Appraisal that can help you by providing some guidance on the value of your business. The Business Appraisal can assist you to determine an appropriate asking price and will provide you with some insights to help affect a quicker sale.

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An Amplify Business Appraisal is not a Business Valuation

Amplify Business Appraisals are provided for the purpose of offering the subject business for sale only. We provide a restricted use limited appraisal report, which is advisory in nature and intended only to be used for offering the subject business for sale. 

This is not a business valuation and should not be used for that purpose. 

The opinion of value expressed in the report does not obligate us to render a comprehensive business appraisal report, to give testimony, or attend court proceedings with regard to the subject business assets, properties or business interests.

Possession of this report does not imply a permission to publish the same or any part thereof. No part of this report is to be communicated to the public by means of advertising, news releases, sales and promotions or any other media without a prior written consent and approval by us.